Trumpf / LaserLine Trudisk 4002

Diode lamp pumped solide state laser of the latest generation of continous lasers for welding and cutting manufactured by Trumpf. Lower consumption costs compared to its predecessor. The Trudisk 4002 gives a nominal power of up to 4000 W . The Trumpf Trudisk generator also includes welding optic (cutting optic can also be supplied), fiber, external liquid cooling unit and computer to control the parameters. The beam quality of this laser is exceptional ranging from 2 to 25 mm*mrad and a wavelength of 1030 nm

This sytem is the perfect partner together with a 6 axis industrial robot for the following applications:

  • Scanner welding typically used in the body shop of the car manufacturing industry
  • Hybrid welding
  • Flame cutting

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Last updated: 14 Aug, 2022