Trumpf / LaserLine Trumpf Haas Laser HL 124P

Max. output power [W]: 150
Average Power [W] 120
Max. pulse power [kW] 5
Max. pulse energy [J] 0,1-50
Pulse duration [ms]: 0,3-20
Beam quality [mm•mrad] 16
Laser light cable [μm] 400
Control: LCB. The LCB has a control unit with a display where laser parameters can be set and status and system
messages received. For communication with external systems, the LCB offer a comfortable PLC interface. For simpler and faster operation,
up to 25 sets of parameters can be stored.
Connection and consumption:

Electrical connection: 400V(+-10%), 2P+PE, 50/60 Hz, 16A
Max. power consumption [kW]: 5,5
Max. cooling water consumption at 15ºC [m3/h]: 0,25
Cooling water temperature range [ºC]: 6-25
Laser unit protection type: IP 54
Control unit protection type: IP 65
Weight [kg]: 380
Dimensions W x H x D: 1020 x 1460 x 650
Ambient temperature [ºC]: 10-40

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Last updated: 5 Aug, 2022