Other Robots OTC-Daihen ALMEGA AX-V6 arc welding robots

Year 2005. A 7th axis Servocontrolled turn table also available for this model. Equipped with the synergic MIG/MAG power welding source DP-500, 500 Amperes capacity.

The AX-V6 is a hi speed, smooth movement manipulator that shortens production time.  It is designed for MIG/MAG Welding, TIG Welding, Tandem MAG Welding, Alumium MIG Welding, and Plasma Arc Cutting. With such features as a built-in shock sensor in the welding torch and enhanced system configuration ability, the AX-V6 is ideal for high speed arc welding applications.

General specifications:

Number of axis: : 6
Payload: 6 kg
Horizontal arm reach: 1402 mm
Accuracy / repeatability: ±0.08 mm

Axis data - motion range

Axis 1  ±170°
Axis 2  +155°, -90°
Axis 3  +190°, -170°
Axis 4  ±180°
Axis 5 +230°, -50°
Axis 6  ±360°

Robot axis Speed

Axis 1: 150 °/s
Axis 2 :150 °/s
Axis 3: 150 °/s
Axis 4:  340 °/s
Axis 5:  340 °/s
Axis 6:  520 °/s

Main features

    * Faster, yet smoother motion - reduced reduced cycle time by new servo control system with advanced acceleration method.
    * Independently articulated arm - no link arm to impede articulation for a full range of motion.
    * Vibration restraining control  - virtually eliminates vibration even when stopping at maximum speed.

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