ABB IRB640 Palletizer

4 axis palletiser robot. Year 1999-2000.

The IRB 640 is an exceptionally fast, powerful robot optimized for palletizing. With world class cycle times and 160 kg handling capacity, this 4-axis machine has what it takes to make a real impact on the speed and efficiency of your palletizing.
You’ll find the robot easy to fit into palletizing appli- cations thanks to a large working range. The same high performance in the entire working area and 360o degree base rotation mean you have maximum free- dom and flexibility in designing palletizing station layouts.
The IRB 640 is guided by the S4C.

Robot Info:

  • Number of axis: 4
  • Maximum Load of Robot: 160
  • Maximum Reach: 2905 mm.
  • Repeatability: 0.4 mm
  • Controller: S4C M98A cabinet

Robot Motion Speed:

  • Axe 1: 125º/seg
  • Axe 2: 125º/seg
  • Axe 3: 125º/seg
  • Axe 4: 270º/seg

Robot Applications:

  • Palletising
  • 2D cutting

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