Motoman HC10

The collaborative robot HC10 is ideal to work in teams with the operator performing simple automated processes characterized by being affordable, versatile, easy to use.

YRC1000 controller
This is the next generation YRC1000 controller with compact, fast and flexible structure that allows a high precision of trajectory and high efficiency. Provides a pendant for easy use and programming, lightweight design.
Features controller
Compact design that allows the installation of the robot in a small space.
Optimal I / O communication speed to optimize up to 50% working efficiency.
High accuracy of speed in the performance of the trajectory.
Complete equipment and preventive maintenance information along with software tools for analysis that allows simplified maintenance and configuration.
Excellent wiring capacity only controller cable to the robot.
Its standard structure does not require a transformer for input voltages ranging from 380 V AC to 480 V AC.
Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 10 kg
Maximum horizontal reach: 1,200 mm
Controller: YRC1000
Robot applications
Machine tending
Material handling

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Last updated: 4 Jul, 2020