Motoman MH80 II

This powerful six-axis MH80 II robot is optimized in its speed and load capacity offering an increase in production. The improvement in the wrist allows greater capacity for manipulation. The useful load capacity and movement and inertia allow this robot to handle vision, laser tracking or other sensors for sewing tracking applications.

DX200 controller
DX200 is one of the robust PC architecture controllers with high reliability and system-level efficiency for robotic work cells. Variety of fieldbus network connections. Dynamic interference zones protect the robot arm and provide advanced collision prevention. It allows up to three auxiliary / external axes and can be mounted remotely. provides:
Application flexibility
High productivity
Minimum integration costs.
Application flexibility
Greater reliability and energy efficiency.
Improvement of maintenance capacity, reduction of average repair time (MTTR).
Functional Safety Unit (FSU) Performance Level 3 (PLd).
Multiple robot control of up to 8 robots / 72 axes with synchronized movement between devices.
Advanced robot movement control (ARM) provides high productivity and trajectory planning.
Small and lightweight pendant with Windows® CE programming color touch screen with multiple window display possibilities.
Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 80 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 2,061 mm
Maximum vertical reach: 3,578 mm
Repeatability: ±0.07 mm
Controller: DX200   
Motion range (°)
Axis S: ±180°
Axis L: +135°/-90°
Axis U: +251°/-170°
Axis R: ±360°
Axis B: ±125°
Axis T: ±360°
Maximum speed (°/s)
Axis S: 170°/s
Axis L: 140°/s
Axis U: 160°/s
Axis R: 230°/s
Axis B: 230°/s
Axis T: 350°/s
Robot applications
Machine tending
Press tending
Material handling
Material cutting

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