Motoman EPX2050 Paint

The EPX2050 robot with versatile and high speed design ideal for industrial coating applications providing smooth and consistent finishes with great efficiency. The hollow wrist has a diameter of 50mm ideal for applicators of spray equipment. It has a minimum of interference between the parts and the cables, optimizing the cycle. Certified by the mutual factory (FM) for use of class 1, Div 1 in hazardous environments. Touch screen for easy use.

NX100 controller features
Faster, feature-packed, highly reliable and easier to use - Motoman's new NX100 robot control system has arrived. NX100 is the PC-based high performance robot controller.

The NX100 controller features a Windows® CE programming pendant with full colour LCD touch screen display. It offers high speed processing, unmatched memory (60,000 steps, 10,000 instructions), built-in ethernet and a robust PC-architecture.

The NX100 easily handles multiple tasks and can control up to four robots plus external axes (max 36 axes) and I/O devices. Advanced Robot Motion control (ARM) provides high performance path accuracy and motion control.

The control system's PC architecture offers unlimited communication with other systems via a wide range of communication protocols. The improved integrated PLC will in many cases eliminate the need for a separate PLC, saving costs at the system level.

Multiple robot control

Real time synchronisation of up to four robots and external axes (max.36 axes)

  • Jigless welding possible
  • Enables high density robot layouts
  • Reduced cycle times
  • User friendly touch screen pendant

With Windows CE operating system and a full colour LCD touch-screen display

  • Complete access tto all operations from programming to maintenance
  • Reduced programming time
  • Possibility to create your own user menus
  • Eliminates the need for separate operator's panel

Advanced robot motion (ARM) control
Dynamic calculation of robot axis torque and loan (an original Motoman development)

  • High performance path accuracy
  • Optimised robot motion & speed
  • Short pitch function
  • Collision detection

Communication features

Built-in Ethernet;Web, FTP and OPC server options

Fieldbus support of the 15 most common brands on the market

  • Easy to connect to existing networks
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics of robot systems
Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 15 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 2,054 mm
Maximum vertical reach: 2,806 mm
Repeatability: ±0.5 mm
Controller: NX100
Motion range (°)
Axis S: ±90° (wall mounted ±27.5°)
Axis L: +100°/-50°
Axis U: +5°/163° (relative angle of lower arm)
Axis R: ±360°
Axis B: ±360°
Axis T:  ±360°
Maximum speed (°/s)

2.0 m/s
Robot applications

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