Motoman VA1400 II

VA1400 II 7 axis robot for arc welding application this optimized design with a seventh axis used as elbow that allows flexibility and freedom of movement to maintain a high welding performance, this robot provides versatility in its mounting position, can work in high density work cells and together with other robots; It is ideal for access to confined spaces thanks to its space-saving design.

DX200 controller
DX200 is one of the robust PC architecture controllers with high reliability and system-level efficiency for robotic work cells. Variety of fieldbus network connections. Dynamic interference zones protect the robot arm and provide advanced collision prevention. It allows up to three auxiliary / external axes and can be mounted remotely. provides:
Application flexibility
High productivity
Minimum integration costs.
Application flexibility
Greater reliability and energy efficiency.
Improvement of maintenance capacity, reduction of average repair time (MTTR).
Functional Safety Unit (FSU) Performance Level 3 (PLd).
Multiple robot control of up to 8 robots / 72 axes with synchronized movement between devices.
Advanced robot movement control (ARM) provides high productivity and trajectory planning.
Small and lightweight pendant with Windows® CE programming color touch screen with multiple window display possibilities.
Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 3 kg
Number of axis: 7
Maximum horizontal reach: 1,434 mm
Maximum vertical reach: 2,475 mm
Repeatability: ±0.08 mm
Controller: DX200
Motion range (°)
Axis S: ±170°
Axis L: +148°/-70°
Axis U: +150°/-175°
Axis R: ±150°
Axis B: +180°/-45°
Axis T: ±200°
Axis E: ±90°
Maximum speed (°/s)
Axis S: 220°/s
Axis L: 200°/s
Axis U: 220°/s
Axis R: 410°/s
Axis B: 410°/s
Axis T: 610°/s
Axis E: 220°/s
Robot applications
Arc welding

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