Motoman MH3BM

MH3BM is a robot of compact design and high speed ideal for handling light loads, has integrated anti-collision functions with multiple robot control to improve productivity. Its base of 200 mm allows the installation and assembly in reduced environments. Level of protection in the IP65 structure and the IP67 wrist. Equipped with the open software FS100.

FS100 controller
The FS100 controller with efficient space design with approximately 20 kg payload allows high performance required for moderate and high speed operations, with small and compact but powerful structure for packaging applications, handling of small parts and assembly with IP20 degree protection. standard. It has an open software that allows OEMs, machine producers and systems integrators to expand their own software solutions.
Applied widely accepted environments such as C, C ++, C # and .NET.
Supports customization of hanging programming screens using C ++ and C #,
Accepts MotoPlus ™ and MotomanSync ™ software environments
Higher I / O speed and high resolution timers
It handles the same hardware hanging programming as the DX100 controller.
The single controller supports up to eight axes:
Robot with 4 axes + 2 external axes
6-axis robot + 2 external axes
7-axis robot + 1 external axis
15-axis robots require two FS100 controllers
Main specifications
Maximum Load of Robot: 3 kg
Number of axis: 6
Maximum horizontal reach: 532 mm
Maximum vertical reach: 804 mm
Repeatability: ±0.03 mm
Controller: FS100
Motion range (°)
Axis S: ±180° /  S-Axis (Wall Mount): ±25°
Axis L: +90°/-85°
Axis U: +260°/-105°
Axis R: ±170°
Axis B: ±120°
Axis T:  ±360°

Maximum speed (°/s)
Axis S: 310°/s
Axis L: 150°/s
Axis U: 190°/s
Axis R: 300°/s
Axis B: 300°/s
Axis T: 420°/s

Robot applications
Specimen processing
Clean room assembly

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Last updated: 2 Jul, 2020